Squeeze Bottle


Squeeze bottle for treat making

Can also be used for dispensing rewards when training raw fed dogs

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Squeeze bottle for treat making. Make stunning neat treats by filling your silicone moulds with the squeeze bottle instead of the scrape method. The spout features a thin, funnel-shape that allows for accurate dispensing, helping you to create smart, regular treats with less mess.

Also useful for making layered treats for different flavours or an artistic look.

Can also be used for training raw fed dogs. Liquidise your preferred food and reward your dog during training via the squeeze bottle. Nozzle can be cut down for thicker contents if required.

Clear bottle for ease of use.


340ml/12oz capacity.

Approximately 5.7cm diameter bottle, 19.5cm height to end of nozzle. Nozzle opening approximately 2mm, can be cut down to enlarge.

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