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** 13th September 2021 *NEW* products and variations **

A varied selection of natural dog chews and treats for you to Pick & Mix.

Ethically sourced novel proteins, including goat, camel, ostrich and free range rabbit.

Ideal for canine enrichment, with hypoallergenic options for dogs sensitive to more common proteins. Varied sizes, textures, smells, taste and format for optimal choice.



The Pawsitive Thinking Doggy Deli offers a varied selection of natural dog chews and treats for you to pick & mix. No minimum order. Several single source proteins, less likely to cause itching and other allergic reactions. Suitable for raw and kibble fed dogs, with options for puppies from 4 weeks of age.

  • Fish
  • Deer
  • Goat
  • Rabbit
  • Camel
  • Cheese
  • Ostrich
  • Lamb
  • Buffalo
  • Kangaroo
  • Wild Boar

Ethical & Healthy Enrichment

Our natural dog chews and treats are ethically and sustainably sourced.

We offer several more unique proteins, not just the same old chicken and beef! Variety is useful for all dogs and in particular, novel proteins are often better for those with allergies or a tendency to itch.

Providing chews and treats in varied flavours, textures and forms helps to enhance enrichment. Dogs enjoy exploring the different tastes, smells and shapes, so they enhance mental well being.

We do not supply puffed, artificially coloured or bleached treats and chews. The puffing, colouring and whitening (often for chicken feet, snouts and hide chews) involves chemical processing, which we believe is unnecessary and potentially harmful. We prefer to offer a healthier choice of totally natural, chemical free treats that are ethically produced. Our natural dog chews do not contain any additives, preservatives or colourings.


We are one of very few companies to offer FREE RANGE rabbit dog chews. Rabbit is the 4th most farmed animal in the world and they are usually intensively farmed in cages. We do not support factory farming, so we have sourced free range rabbit for better physical and mental welfare and more natural living conditions. This results in less stress, so a healthier and tastier product for your dog too.

  • Air dried to preserve nutrients
  • No artificial additives
  • The hair naturally helps remove parasites from the digestive tract
  • Low in fat and a good natural dental chew


Our camel dog chews are fully traceable and sustainable, they come from human grade animals ethically raised on farms in Europe.

  • Leaner than beef
  • Excellent source of protein and vitamins
  • Camel is hypoallergenic, so if your dog has common protein allergies or is sensitive, camel is a great alternative to the more widely available proteins
  • Our Jumbo Camel Sticks are superb long lasting dog chews, they are approximately 45-50cm in length
  • Camel Tripe contains naturally occurring probiotics and digestive enzymes, promoting healthy gut bacteria and aiding your dogs digestive system


Goat dog chews offer a good alternative for dogs who are sensitive to more common proteins.

  • Our Jumbo Goat Sticks are great natural long-lasting dog chews, they are approximately 45-50cm in length
  • A useful and engaging dental chew, goat sticks help remove tartar from your dogs teeth
  • Goat tripe contains naturally occurring probiotics and digestive enzymes, promoting healthy gut bacteria and aiding your dogs digestive system
  • Our goat selection is from ethically raised animals, from European farms
  • Hypoallergenic

Deer and Venison

100% natural deer sticks, tendons, ears and venison sticks that are air dried to preserve as many nutrients as possible.

  • No additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings or colours
  • Single source protein
  • The hair on the ears naturally helps repel parasites from the digestive tract
  • The deer sticks are approximately 15cm in length, the jumbo deer sticks are approximately 45-50 cm in length. These are a harder chew, both made from skin
  • Tendons available in 3 sizes
  • Venison sticks are made from 100% fresh, air dried, human grade meat. Perfect for use with the Qwizl

Tendons and deer sticks are a good natural long lasting dental chew packed with flavour. Venison sticks can be broken into pieces for training or enrichment activities or fed as they are for a tasty treat.


Sprats are a naturally healthy and nutritious fish treat. Great for adding variety to food toys like the Toppl and Tux and can be used as training treats.

  • Containing Omega 3 & 6
  • A source of essential fatty acids that help your dog maintain healthy skin and joint mobility
  • Sprats also aid good digestion and positive gut health
  • 100% natural- colour and additive free
  • Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks

Yak Milk Chews and Cheese Puffs

Our Yak Milk Chews, also called Yakers, are a hard cheese dog chew. Cheese puffs for dogs are an all natural treat which are handmade from the end pieces of Yak Milk Chews to offer a crunchy, premium quality snack.

  • Just 4 sustainably sourced ingredients- Yaks milk, Cows milk and a small amount of salt and lime juice
  • Handmade by Himalayan farmers, utilising traditional methods
  • Milk ingredients from naturally kept, free ranging animals
  • No chemicals or artificial flavourings and colours


Our tripe is non-bleached, air dried and has no additives.

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Promotes a healthy gut
  • Has natural probiotics and digestive enzymes to promote healthy gut bacteria in dogs
  • Stronger smelling natural dog chews


We offer a selection of naturally dried fish skin dog chews and treats. These fish dog chews are not cooked to ensure that the fish skins retain their nutritional value. No additives, preservatives or chemical processing.

  • Fish is full of omega oils which have anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Rich in antioxidants, natural vitamins and minerals.
  • Highly digestible.
  • Low in saturated fat, high in good quality protein.
  • The fatty acids found in fish are perfect for supporting healthy skin & coats, helping reduce itchy skin and boost overall coat health.

Fish skin chews are a fantastic natural toothbrush and they can help to reduce tartar and plaque build up when used regularly. We offer a variety of chews for added enrichment- twists, sticks and jumbo sized bars. Made from 100% fish skins.

Our Cornish fish crunchies make a great training treat, or can be crumbled as a meal topper, sprinkled on a lick mat or added to a Toppl. They are sustainably fished and made in Cornwall from 100% white fish skins. Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks of age.

Our Sea Bass sticks are a tasty treat or can be broken into pieces for training and enrichment activities. Made from 100% fresh, air dried, human grade fish that has been responsibly sourced. Suitable for puppies from 4 weeks of age. Perfect for use with the Qwizl.

Free Range Ostrich

We have large air dried Ostrich bones from free range ostrich. Unique in composition, the outer shell peels away and the inside is like honeycomb. Ostrich bones are suitable for puppies over 12 weeks.

  • Lean novel protein, very low in fat
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Responsibly sourced from South Africa
  • Low odour & non greasy
  • Air dried to maintain natural goodness

The braided Ostrich tendons are a good natural dental chew. They are naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat.  Available singly or in packs of five. Suitable from 12 weeks of age.

Ostrich kebabs are 100% free range Ostrich meat skewered onto an Ostrich tendon and come in packs of two. Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks.

Ostrich sticks are made from 100% fresh, air dried, human grade ostrich meat. They can be fed as they are for a tasty treat or broken into pieces for training and enrichment activities. Suitable for puppies from 4 weeks of age. Perfect for use with the Qwizl.

Ostrich skin braids are low in fat and made from ostrich skin and nothing else. An easy to digest natural dental chew. Suitable for puppies over 12 weeks.

Free Range Buffalo

  • 100% natural, no additives
  • Sourced from free-range, grass fed Buffalo
  • Healthier and leaner alternative to Pork and Beef
  • A great source of Omega-3
  • Available in two varieties- air dried lung and air dried steak

Individual pieces can be fed as they are as a chew or can be cut up for training treats or enrichment activities.

Wild Boar

  • 100% natural wild boar, no additives
  • Grain free
  • Can be fed as they are or cut up for training treats or enrichment activities
  • Packs of 5 meat strips


  • Novel protein, often successful with allergy sufferers
  • Lower fat option than many other treats
  • Kangaroos are super active and graze on natural foliage, which produces a lean, high-quality meat
  • Our kangaroo sticks are made from 100% fresh, air dried, premium human grade meat
  • Sticks suitable for puppies from 4 weeks of age
  • Can be fed as they are or broken into smaller pieces for training and enrichment activities.
  • Perfect for use with the Qwizl 

Moon Bones

100% Air Dried Beef Cartilage. Moon bones aren’t actually bones! They are a natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which may help joint health. No additives, flavourings or preservatives. We recommend supervised chewing only.

Size Guidelines

All our Doggy Deli products are totally natural, so vary in shape, size, weight and colour. Please expect a natural variation.

Jumbo Sticks are approximately 45-50cm long. Please note that due to their length, these can be sent via courier delivery or Royal Mail medium parcel only, they are too long for the Royal Mail small parcel service.

Deer Sticks are approximately 15cm long. Sold by weight, width and thickness of individual sticks vary.

Cheese Puffs/Tripe/Sprats sold by weight, size of individual pieces vary.

Rabbit Hide Rolls are approximately 14-15cm long.

Ears are all a large size but vary in length and width.

Yak Milk Chews come in small (30-40g), medium (75-85g) and large (100-110g). As a guide, small are suitable for dogs under 7kg, medium are for dogs between 7 and 15 kg and large are suitable for dogs between 15 and 30 kgs.

Fish Sticks & Wolf Fish Sticks are approximately 2.5cm x 2.5cm and 20cm long.

Fish Twist Chews & Wolf Fish Twists are approximately 28cm long.

Jumbo Fish Skin Chewy Bars are approximately 8cm x 14cm.

Cornish Fish Crunchies sold by weight, size of individual pieces vary, approximately 2cm x 2cm or smaller.

Ostrich bones are approximately 27-30cm long, slimmer in the middle with wider ends. Braided tendons are approximately 16-18cm long and 1.25-2cm wide. Ostrich kebabs are approximately 9-10cm long, with two chunks of meat per tendon. Ostrich sticks are approximately 15cm x 1cm. Ostrich skin braids are approximately 18cm long X 2.75cm wide

Deer Tendons are available in 3 sizes. Small are upto 22g, medium are 23-39g and large are 40g +.

Venison, Kangaroo and Sea Bass Sticks are approximately 15cm x 1cm.

Buffalo Steak & Buffalo Lung sold by weight, size of individual pieces vary.

Wild Boar Strips sold in a pack of 5. Approximately 3cm x 11cm each strip. Approximately 6mm thickness.

Moon Bones sold in 3s. Size and weight of individual pieces vary and they have an irregular shape but as a rough guide, they are 20-25cm long, 4-8cm wide.

(Weights stated under additional information are for shipping calculation only. )


  • Please ensure that clean, fresh drinking water is available at all times.
  • We always recommend fully supervising your dog when eating any kind of treat or chew.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from flies.
  • To minimise choking risk, remove hard chews when small enough to swallow.
  • We recommend choosing treats and chews appropriate to the age, breed and character of your individual dog.
  • Please be aware that some dogs may need help and/or training in order to consume treats and chews safely.
  • Treats and chews should be gradually introduced to your dog.




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Pick & Mix Options

Lamb Horn, Hairy Rabbit Roll, Deer Sticks 100g, Deer Sticks 300g, Hairy Rabbit Ears x5, Hairy Rabbit Ears x10, Hairy Deer Ears x3, Hairy Deer Ears x10, Camel Tripe 100g, Camel Tripe 200g, Goat Tripe 100g, Goat Tripe 200g, Jumbo Lamb Stick, Jumbo Goat Stick, Jumbo Deer Stick, Jumbo Camel Stick, Sprats 60g, Sprats 200g, Cheese Puffs 70g, Small Yaker, Medium Yaker, Large Yaker, Fish Twist, Fish Twist x3, Fish Stick, Wolf Fish Twist, Wolf Fish Twist x3, Wolf Fish Stick, Wolf Fish Stick X3, Jumbo Fish Chewy Bar, Cornish Fish Crunchies 60g, Cornish Fish Crunchies 200g, Ostrich Bone, Ostrich Tendon Braid X1, Ostrich Tendon Braid X5, Ostrich Kebab X2, Ostrich Skin Braid X3, Small Deer Tendon, Medium Deer Tendon, Large Deer Tendon, Buffalo Lung 130g, Buffalo Steak 200g, Wild Boar Strips x5, Ostrich Stick x 10, Ostrich Stick x 20, Kangaroo Stick x 10, Kangaroo Stick x 20, Sea Bass Stick x 10, Sea Bass Stick x 20, Venison Stick x 10, Venison Stick x 20, Large Moon Bone x 3

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