Yak Snack- Natural Himalayan Dog Chews


Available in 4 sizes.

100% natural, long lasting dog chews made from an ancient Himalayan recipe.

  • No artificial preservatives
  • No chemical binding agents
  • 100% natural ingredients- just cheese and a very small amount of salt (less than 0.01%)
  • Satisfies the dog’s natural need to chew

Made in the EU. Suitable for puppies over 4 months.



Himalayan dog chews are also known as yak snacks, yak bars and Yakers. Suitable from 4 months of age. Available in 4 sizes.

After testing numerous Himalayan Chews available, we supply what we believe to be the best quality and most long lasting.


  • Our chews are made from an ancient Himalayan recipe.
  • They are low in fat.
  • Yakers fulfil the dog’s natural desire to chew.
  • Made from just cheese and a tiny amount of salt (less than 0.01%).
  • No artificial additives or preservatives.

What Can Himalayan Chews Help With?

When dogs chew, particularly when they chew with their back teeth, it helps them decompress.

  • Enrichment for all dogs.
  • Settling in a rescue dog to their new home. Really valuable for decompression.
  • Preventing boredom.
  • Preventing your dog from chewing things that aren’t suitable.
  • Occupying your dog.
  • Calming –  long lasting chews are a positive, calm, relaxing activity.

Biting and chewing behaviour can be re-directed to a long lasting chew to save your skin or favourite shoes!


Once your chew diminishes to be small enough to swallow, it should be removed from the dog and placed in the microwave for 30-45 seconds to puff up. Once cooled, you can give it back to your dog for them to finish. The puff is a crunchier form of the chew, which can be more easily swallowed.

As with all chews, we recommend you supervise your dog during use.


Available in 4 different sizes- small, medium, large and extra large. As a guide-

  • Small are suitable for dogs under 7kgs.
  • Medium are suitable for dogs between 7 and 15 kgs.
  • Large are suitable for dogs between 15kgs and 30kgs.
  • Extra large are suitable for large dogs over 20kg.

As a natural product, the exact colour, shape, weight and size varies between chews. Please expect a natural variation. As a guide-

  • Small are approximately 6.5-9cm long, 1.8cm-2.5cm wide. 28-40 gms.
  • Medium are approximately 13-14 cm long, 1.7-2.5cm wide. 68-80 gms.
  • Large are approximately 13.5-16cm long, 2.5-4cm wide. 138-155- gms.
  • Extra large are approximately 14cm long, 3-4cm wide. 190-220gms.

We also have other types of natural long lasting chew available HERE.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Small x3, Small Multisave x 6, Medium x1, Medium Multisave x3, Medium Multisave x6, Large x1, Large Multisave x3, XL x1

Further Information

Made in the EU

Cows Milk

Typical Analysis-
Crude Protein 62.4%
Crude Fat Min 18%
Ash 5.3%

Ensure a supply of clean, fresh water at all times.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Supervise use.
To minimise choking risk, once the size of the chew is small enough for your dog to swallow, microwave it for 30-45 seconds. It will puff up and once cooled, can be fed to your dog.
Variable size and weight due to natural product.

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