Olive Wood Dog Chew


100% natural, long lasting olive wood dog chew.

Made from a sustainable and eco friendly source.

Suitable for Puppies.



100% natural, long lasting, olive wood dog chew.

Dogs have a natural, in built need to chew and olive wood dog chews are a great way for them to satisfy their chewing instincts.

Our olive branch chews are harvested from a sustainable and eco friendly source. They are then dried and sanded to make the perfect dog chew.


  • Olive wood is close grained and harder than most native wood
  • Safe, clean and tasty long lasting chew
  • Good for dental health
  • No artificial¬† ingredients, 100% natural olive wood
  • Suitable all ages, including puppies


Small- approximately 15-19cm in length, 2-3cm diameter

Medium- approximately 18-21cm in length, 3-4cm in diameter

Large- approximately 19-23cm in length, 4-5.25cm in diameter

Olive wood dog chews are an all natural product, so variation in colour, size and weight occurs. They are sanded and feel smooth to the touch. Some may have natural indentations or other natural variations in texture, typical of wood.


All dogs have a natural desire to chew and an olive wood dog chew can help fulfil this need. Long lasting dog chews can be used to redirect mouthing and unwanted biting behaviour. They can help prevent boredom and destructive behaviour by providing a permissible chewing activity. Some dogs just like to carry things in their mouths and these are safer than many other sticks.

As olive wood dog chews are made from just pure olive branches, they are suitable for overweight dogs or those on a restricted diet.

Other options for natural chews can be viewed here. We also offer natural chew roots and yak milk chews.

Supervision is recommended with all chews. Before small enough to swallow, the remaining chew should be disposed of.

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