Lickimat Sprinkles


Hand baked, crushed biscuits for a treat, reward or enrichment. Available in 3 flavours.

No added salt or sugar. Suitable for dogs from 8 weeks of age.



Lickimat sprinkles are hand baked crushed biscuits. They are ready to use as a treat or for enrichment. These tasty biscuit sprinkles can be used-

  • As a meal topper
  • On flat Lick Mats, the Wobble or Splash¬†for added interest and variety
  • For enrichment- dogs love exploring different tastes, smells and textures
  • In other enrichment toys such as the Toppl and Tux

Just sprinkle on top of any wet food, raw mince or soaked kibble. Or wet your Lick Mat and shake your Lickimat sprinkles over the top.


Available in 3 different flavours-

  • Turkey and sweet potato
  • Liver and turmeric
  • Chicken and broccoli

Made in Devon. No added salt or sugar.

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg

Turkey & Sweet Potato, Chicken & Broccoli, Liver & Turmeric

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