Long Lasting Natural Chew Root


100% natural long lasting dog chew.

Non splinter, eco-friendly and suitable for all dogs, including puppies.



What Are Chew Roots?

Chew roots are 100% natural long lasting dog chews made from the tuber root of a tree. They are hand harvested and air dried from an eco-sustainable source and do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives.

Chew roots are high quality and all natural dog chews that won’t splinter, they will help satisfy your dog’s natural desire to chew. These eco-friendly chews are suitable for all dogs, including puppies. They are also rich in nutrients and low in fat.


Natural long lasting chews can be used to promote calm by occupying your dog with a natural, relaxing activity. If you are looking for an enrichment idea, something to occupy your dog to minimise boredom or to help fulfil your dog’s natural instinct to chew, these chew roots are a great choice.

These are a great aid if you find your dog likes to bite and chew things they shouldn’t! By providing a suitable alternative and redirecting the unwanted behaviour towards the chew root, you can keep your dog happy and your furniture safe!

These chews are perfect for teething puppies! You can read our article on stopping puppy biting HERE. Other reasons for using long lasting dog chews-

  • To add variety to your dog’s day.
  • They help promote calm behaviour by fulfilling natural behaviour.
  • Chewing can help to lower stress levels.
  • When your dog is injured, recovering from surgery or other times when physical exercise is reduced.
  • To help keep puppies out of mischief, so you can go to the toilet in peace!


  • Small (approximately 165-210 gms)
  • Medium (approximately 300-500 gms)

Weight variation due to being a natural product, some may be a similar size but different weight.

Further Information

As a totally natural product, there are variations in size and weight. This adds to the enjoyment for your dog along with their textured surface.

These are just one of our range of high quality long lasting dog chews, we do not sell raw hide. We also have available solid antler chews, split antler chews, fallow antlers, buffalo horns and yak milk chews. We have tried and tested all our range to bring you good quality and choice, that dogs love.

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Additional Information

Natural product, so size and weight may vary.
Crude Protein 1.2%
Crude oils and fats 0.1%
Crude fibre 66.7%
Crude ash 1.1%
Moisture 22.5%


Small, Medium

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