Antler Dog Chews


Deer antler long lasting dog chews.

Available in three varieties and a range of sizes-

  • Split antlers. For puppies older than 3 months, less vigorous chewers and those wanting a less hard chew.
  • Solid antlers. For stronger chewers and adult dogs.
  • Fallow antlers. Softer than solid antlers, suitable from 6 months of age.

Totally natural dog chews made from the antlers of red and fallow deer.



Premium grade, naturally sourced antler dog chews. These chews are free from chemicals, preservatives, colouring or additives of any kind. Suitable for dogs with allergies, sensitive digestion and those on a fat controlled diet.

  • Gluten free
  • Hypo allergenic
  • Virtually fat free
  • Can help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy

Antler chews are rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron sodium and potassium.

They are a 100% natural product, so vary slightly in size, colour and weight.

Antlers are meant to be gnawed, not eaten. Therefore we recommend supervision and that they are not suited for dogs that may try to eat them/bite them into pieces.

What Dogs Are Antlers Suitable For?

Split antlers are hand cut lengthways to expose the slightly softer inner part of the antler, so these are suitable for puppies from 3 months, normal chewers or those wanting a less hard chew. For dogs that chew more vigorously, we also offer solid antlers. Fallow antlers are softer than solid antlers and are suitable for dogs from 6 months of age.

Antler dog chews are a totally natural way to fulfil your dog’s natural instinct to chew.

What Can Long Lasting Chews Help With?

  • Enrichment
  • Preventing boredom
  • Preventing your dog from chewing things that aren’t suitable
  • Occupying your dog
  • Calming – ┬álong lasting chews are a positive, calm, relaxing activity

Split antlers are a great puppy essential to help with teething and training your puppy. Biting and chewing behaviour can be re-directed to a split antler to save your skin or favourite shoes! You can read about our advice for stopping puppy biting here-

Why Choose Our Antlers?

  • Pawsitive Thinking is proud to supply naturally shed antlers from free-ranging deer.
  • Range of sizes and types available for optimum choice.
  • Our antlers are low odour, durable and long lasting dog chews.
  • ┬áHealthy, 100% natural dog chews.

Cornish Solid Antlers

Naturally shed, sustainable and responsibly sourced antlers from Cornwall. They are hand washed in spring water and hand cut.

  • Small: 50g to 74g
  • Medium: 75g to 149g
  • Large: 150g to 224g
  • XLarge: 225g – 299g

Fallow Antlers

From a natural, sustainable source from Scottish Highland herds.

  • Small: Under 75g
  • Medium:75g-150g
  • Large: 150g-220g

Split Antlers

Come in one size but this size varies due to the natural variation found with antlers.

Antlers are part of our huge selection of natural dog chews. We also offer-

Supervision is recommended with all chews. Clean, fresh drinking water should be freely available at all times.

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Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg

Split, Solid, Small Fallow, Medium Fallow, Large Fallow, Cornish Solid Small, Cornish Solid Medium, Cornish Solid Large, Cornish Solid Extra Large

Additional information

Size and weight may vary due to natural products.
Split antlers approximately 12-17cm long.
Whole antlers approximately 14-16cm long.
Weight approximately 60-90 grams.

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