Super Seeds


A seed and protein blend for healthy hens and extra special eggs.

Serve as a treat, to help condition or to assist with egg production.




Super Seeds is a superior seed and protein recipe to add variety and extra nutrients to the diet. This is an appetising blend of small, easy to digest seeds and cereals with a gorgeous aniseed aroma. They are a natural source of protein and omega three, with added vitamin and mineral pellets. Hens that are happy and healthy are more likely to lay plenty of eggs!

Super Seeds are loved by all poultry, particularly ex commercial and rescue hens. They are a great way to support their rehabilitation to healthy family life. Feed approximately one table spoon per bird, per day. This highly palatable mix can be used as a treat, to help condition or to assist with egg production.

Key Features

  • Very appetising
  • Can be fed everyday as part of a balanced diet
  • Higher in protein and lower in starch than cereals to aid egg production
  • Natural source of Omega 3
  • Ideal for assisting with taming
  • Perfect reward for training


Super Seeds are available in 1kg and 4 kg pouches.

Ideal For Enrichment

Super Seeds are the perfect product for chicken enrichment. Essentially, enrichment is all about enhancing quality of life, it is often considered to be just as essential to animal welfare as proper nutrition and veterinary care. Providing additional nourishment, mental stimulation and physical activity on top of the basic welfare needs, leads to truly healthy, happy hens. Moreover, this also benefits us by reduced vet’s bills, increased egg production and better quality eggs. You can’t beat the taste and calibre of golden eggs layed by hens leading an enriched free-range life.

Importantly, enrichment allows chickens to demonstrate their natural behaviours, such as foraging and ground scratching. It also gives them opportunities to exercise choice over their environment and enhance their well-being.

Receive our free guide to chicken enrichment HERE.

Additional information

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1kg, 4kg

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