Poultry Porridge


* Seasonal product- Poultry porridge will be back in the Autumn! *

A nutritious porridge formulated specially for chickens.

A complementary warming treat for all hens in Autumn and Winter.




Poultry Porridge is a nutritious porridge for Chickens, to feed during Autumn and Winter.


Chickens need to eat more in cold weather in order to maintain their body temperature and stay warm. Lots of people also worry that their chickens will get cold living outside in the winter months, so like to give porridge to warm them up. Straight porridge oats don’t make a good porridge for chickens, they will not provide enough nutrients for egg production or feather growth. So Poultry Porridge was created as a healthier porridge for chickens, so you can treat your hens and do them some good at the same time.

Poultry Porridge should be fed alongside layers pellets, not instead of them. It may be fed in the morning or evening, just add boiling water to create a porridge-like consistency and allow to cool a little before feeding.


The best quality human-grade porridge oats are used and combined with protein rich seeds and cereals to make a much healthier and nutritional porridge for chickens. Poultry Porridge contains our top selling Super Seeds ,  which is well known for promoting condition and is a real favourite with hens.  Black oil sunflower seeds have also been added, which are rich in oil and easier to digest than the striped variety (in fact, the shells help to support digestion and the hearts are a good source of vitamin E for a healthy immune system). Added ground aniseed creates a really delicious aroma which is hard to resist.

Feeding Instructions

Feed as a treat, allowing approximately 1 tablespoon per hen. Add hot water to create a porridge consistency and leave to cool until a safe temperature for feeding. Ensure fresh drinking water is available at all times. Porridge eating is a messy business and they may like to wash off their beaks!

Additional information

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700g, 3kg

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