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We specialise in finding good quality and useful ideas that provide you with good value for money. From ethically sourced natural treats and chews to enrichment toys and slow feeders, we help you optimise the well being of your much loved dogs.

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Chirpy Chook Meadow Net, Meadow net for chickens, chicken enrichment

Chicken enrichment Ideas

Enrichment is all about boosting well being by promoting mental and physical activity. Hens who live in an enriched environment are happier and healthier.

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Cat enrichment Ideas

Enrichment allows animals to carry out positive natural behaviour. Giving them multiple enrichment opportunities helps to reduce unwanted behaviour.

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Dog enrichment ideas

Dogs of all ages, character and breeds can benefit from enrichment in their lives. Mental & physical activity helps to enhance happiness & encourage desirable behaviour.

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FidoSpore, supplement for itchy dogs, fidospore supplement, fidospore, probiotics for dogs, probiotics for cats, leaky gut in dogs

FidoSpore is the first probiotic supplement clinically proven to support digestive health and reduce leaky gut in dogs. FidoSpore probiotics are also suitable for cats. Probiotics work with the animal’s immune system to improve overall function. FidoSpore has been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation, diarrhoea and vomiting and may also help with allergies, itchiness, rashes, unwanted behaviour and healing by reducing leaky gut.

West paw Toppl, Toppl, Westpaw Toppl, dog enrichment, slow feeders for raw dog food, dog enrichment ideas

We love West Paw Toppls and so do our customers! The Toppl is a runaway favourite for both raw and kibble feeders. A great way to ditch the bowl and offer enrichment, easy to layer, easy to clean and loved by dogs. We stock all colours in both sizes and have a range of other West Paw toys too- Qwizl, Rumbl, Zisc, Hurley and Tux.

We have trawled the world looking for ethically produced dog treats. so you don't have to. Over 50 options, including many novel proteins such as free range rabbit, ostrich, camel and kangaroo. Long lasting chews, natural dental chews, training treats and enrichment ideas all in one place.

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Chicken grit, chicken feed, pet chickens, rescue hens

We've tried pretty much every chicken grit available on the market. Our ladies have thoroughly tried and tested them, or ignored them, to result in a clear winner. We now supply what we believe to be the best chicken grit out there for healthy hens and great quality eggs.

Cat enrichment, feline enrichment, enrichment ideas for cats, natural cat treats, interactive cat toys

A 2020 animal wellbeing report by the PDSA found that 77 % of cat owners would like to change at least one of their cat's behaviours. We offer solutions to help minimise unwanted behaviour, reduce boredom, assist with weight management and boost well being.

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