Puppy Tool Kit


This tool kit has been put together with tried and tested items to help ease puppies into their new lives and make life easier for you too! Suitable as a lovely thoughtful gift or for your own support, this tool kit is packed with useful items that help make the puppy experience enjoyable for all.



The array of toys and chews on the market can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to avoid pointless purchases, so to save you both time and money we have handpicked the most useful items for our puppy tool kit. The carefully selected contents are aimed at helping you achieve the most positive, stress free puppy experience. Each component has been chosen for its functionality, ensuring you are receiving a useable tool kit full of essential items to assist you with the challenges of looking after and training your puppy.

Our puppy tool kit includes-

  • Yak Milk Chew
  • Lickimat Buddy
  • Puppy Kong Classic
  • Kong Wubba
  • Long Line
  • Training Treats


Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dog Size

Small Breed, Medium/Large Breeds