Brain Games Activity Cards For Dogs


This innovative pack of cards contains 52 different games that you can play in as little as a couple of minutes. These helpful ideas will add fun and enrichment to your dog’s life, whilst also helping you with developing desirable behaviour. These cards will give you inspirational training games for-

  • Boosting recall
  • Creating relaxation and calmness
  • Mental stimulation
  • Building your relationship together
  • Enjoyable, successful training sessions

Suitable for all dogs.

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Containing 52 different games and a guide booklet in a box, these activity cards are a great way to keep your dog’s brain active. Mental stimulation is far more tiring than physical exercise, so these cards are particularly useful for people with high energy, boisterous, destructive, bored or busy dogs. Playing these games for just a few minutes will help create a more contented, calmer companion.

Key Features-

  • Dogs LOVE playing games
  • Convenient, quick and easy format
  • Most of the games have multiple levels of progression
  • Matte finish cards, more eco friendly than traditional laminate
  • Ideal for training inspiration, inside and outdoors

The 52 games are categorised into 5 different types called puzzle, bond, focus, calm and play, so you can easily select an appropriate activity for your desired aim that day.

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