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Pawsitive Thinking provides ideas for enhancing the well being of your much loved pets. Our solutions encourage positive natural behaviours, reduce stress, promote happiness and optimise good welfare. From slow feeders, foraging mats, natural healthcare products and enrichment toys to ethically sourced, 100% natural treats, we have ideas for you.

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The Pawsitive Thinking Ethos

After experiencing many ups and downs with our own animals, we truly understand the love, time and expense involved in supporting pets to lead their best lives. We know what it's like to have challenging times caring for your four legged friends and lengthy searches to find ways to help, we've been there! We've also wasted money on pointless purchases and experienced the frustration of hollow shopping experiences with big chain stores. Following decades of helping people with their pets through education, Pawsitive Thinking has been grown to further support animal lovers, to offer tried and tested products all in one place and to provide a meaningful, enjoyable experience at purchase and beyond. We love to help people nurture enjoyable, successful relationships with their pets and want to help them avoid the costly pitfalls. Pawsitive Thinking has been created following a life long passion for animals by it's owner, Natalie Bucklar. 

About Natalie

Natalie has a BSc (Hons) and an MSc in Equine Science and during her career she has produced research for Team GB at Olympic level, lectured to degree standard and written many articles for magazines & newspapers. With a passion for animal behaviour & welfare, Natalie has trained horses & horse people for over 28 years. She has been part of the support team for elite competitors at Badminton Horse Trials, the Royal International Horse Show and the Horse Of The Year Show. After owning a saddlery shop for ten years, Natalie started the first ethical, force-free riding school in the UK called East Devon Riding Academy. The academy ran for 9 successful years before the horses were ready for a quieter life and they are now enjoying their retirement in the fields at Pawsitive Thinking HQ. Natalie has lived with dogs since the age of 5 and has re-homed many different breeds who were previously homeless or unwanted. The latest additions to the family are a Border Collie and a Lurcher, both from local rescue charities. You can follow their antics on our social media pages!

Natalie holds a qualification in Canine Concept Training, has studied with The School of Canine Science and continues to study Canine Behaviour & Ethical Training. Over the years Natalie has been guardian to numerous other pets and she currently shares her home with horses, dogs, pet goats, sheep, chickens and guinea pigs.

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The best slow feeder, enrichment activity and puzzle toy all in one! Suitable for dogs fed raw, dry or wet food. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colours. The two sizes can be combined to add even more variation. Much easier to clean than a Kong classic and easier to layer with different food for even more enjoyment.

Can be used with your dog's usual food for a fun, engaging way to ditch the bowl at mealtimes. 

The Doc and Phoebe’s range was invented by a vet to help solve boredom, lethargy and weight problems.  These expertly designed solutions offer cats a way to fulfil their natural instincts of foraging and playing with their food. Doc and Phoebe's science based enrichment toys can also help to reduce unwanted behaviour by reducing stress and promoting calm. They offer unique and enjoyable enrichment to cats of all ages.

The Chirpy Chook Meadow Net is a fantastic enrichment activity for chickens. It offers many benefits for boosting health and well being. The Meadow Net increases physical activity and allows opportunities for natural behaviour. As well as providing mental stimulation, it helps make treats and supplementary food last longer. It offers an easy and effective way of offering enrichment within the coop environment.

FidoSpore is the first probiotic supplement clinically proven to support digestive health and reduce leaky gut in dogs. Also suitable for cats. Probiotics work with the animal’s immune system to improve overall function. FidoSpore has been shown to dramatically reduce inflammation, diarrhoea and vomiting. It may also help with allergies, itchiness, rashes, unwanted behaviour and healing by reducing leaky gut.

The Westpaw Tux puzzle toy is a stuffable dog toy that can be thrown, bounced and chewed. It also floats. If you are looking for a versatile dog toy as another alternative to Kongs, the West Paw Tux is the one!

The Tux is a stuffable dog toy, puzzle toy, treat toy and play toy all in one. You can stuff the Westpaw Tux puzzle toy with dry food, wet food, raw food or treats. It's easy to clean too!

This innovative pack of cards contains 52 different games that you can play in as little as a couple of minutes. These helpful ideas will add fun and enrichment to your dog’s life, whilst also helping you with developing desirable behaviour. These cards will give you inspirational training games for boosting recall, creating relaxation, improving calmness and providing mental stimulation.

Dogs LOVE playing games!

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October 6, 2021

Ditching the bowl can be fantastic enrichment and really useful for training success. Done badly it can create negative emotions, frustration and stress. Natalie highlights the importance of ethical consideration when ditching the bowl.

September 21, 2021

The complete lowdown on natural dog chews! Chewing time, key benefits, typical nutritional analysis, age guide and safety tips.
A whole host of ideas for training and enrichment.

September 13, 2021

Pawsitive Thinking is pleased to be working with Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) to help improve and extend the lives of dogs suffering with arthritis.

November 26, 2020

When is a natural chew not natural? Natalie identifies why some chews commonly sold as natural, could actually be detrimental to your dog. The hideous chemical processing of dog chews is revealed.

June 17, 2020

Unwanted behaviour in dogs is a major cause of rehoming and even euthanasia. An American vet specialising in animal behaviour, stress evaluation and canine aggression has reported some interesting findings.

June 12, 2020

Chickens don’t have any teeth, you’ve probably heard of the expression ‘as rare as hen’s teeth’. Without teeth, they have a different way of grinding food and that’s where grit comes in.
Here’s the information you need to understand all things grit!

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And nutritional chicken treats

Chicken grit, Gastro Grit, the best chicken grit, oyster shell grit for chickens
Healthy, Happy Hens

Gastro Grit from The Little Feed Company is the best selling, best performing chicken grit we've tried. We also stock a wide selection of nutritional treats and fun toys, perfect for chicken enrichment.

Extends chewing & eating time

Westpaw Qwizl, Qwizl, dog treat toy, dog enrichment toy, alternative to kongs, stuffable dog toy, chew guardian for dogs, long lasting chews
Mentally Stimulating

The West Paw Qwizl is brilliantly designed to keep dogs engaged and extend the life of their favourite treats. It provides a mental challenge whilst stretching out play sessions.

Natural Treats & Chews

doggy deli, Pawsitive thinking doggy deli, long lasting dog chews, ostrich bones, free range rabbit ears
Ethically Sourced

The Pawsitive Thinking Doggy Deli offers a huge choice of ethically sourced, 100% natural treats and chews. No minimum order, you can pick and mix what you like. 

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