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Welcome to the Pawsitive Thinking Blog.

I originally started writing for newspapers and magazines, something which I continue to do 25 years later. When social media boomed, I was a bit late to the party but eventually relented and signed up to Facebook. It soon became a popular way to share my writing in a shorter format. I’d write a quick post to share my thoughts or information and I was often surprised at the extensive reach many of my posts received.

Now with Pawsitive Thinking, a new home has been found for my writing. Interesting guides, news, articles and thoughts will be added here, to share with you.


Titre Testing For Dogs

How titre testing can help you optimise the health of your dog. READ MORE….

No More Following The Bum In Front!

A modern approach to teaching children to ride. Originally published in Horsemanship Magazine. READ MORE….

Brain Training For Dogs
Pawsitive Thinking

DIY Brain Training Game

Here’s a great DIY brain training game for dogs that helps build confidence and reduces negative reactions to novel sounds and situations.


Kong recipes, Alternatives to Kongs, How to fill a Kong

Kong Recipes

We share our best Kong recipes, introduce reasons to use stuffable dog toys, offer alternatives to Kong dog toys and show how to vary the challenge.


Mighty Middle Game

This is a really useful game that you can play with your dog to help with recall, building proximity to you, confidence and focus in distracting environments.


Ditching the bowl

Ditching The Bowl

5 ways to use your dog’s daily food allowance to create amazing real life benefits, shape great habits and pour value into your relationship instead of the bowl.


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