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We offer a collection of tried and tested products all in one place, so you can buy in confidence and ease. With decades of animal experience, you can be assured that our range is both functional and excellent value for money.

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Top Rated Products

Calm dog games, brain training for dogs, calm dog games games cards, training games for dogs

Brain Games activity Cards

A pack of 52 mentally stimulating games for you to play with your dog. Complete with guide booklet, the convenient, enjoyable format will help you promote positive behaviours and a calm, relaxed household. 

  • 5 different game categories, 52 games  
  • Suitable for all dogs  
  • Boost your recall, build bonds, promote calm and so much more!
Westpaw Qwizl

training treats

Our own training teats are made with 80% meat or fish, offering you a superb high value training treat for dogs at an excellent price. 

  • Grain free, no fillers or artificial additives
  • Made from fresh ingredients, no rendered meat  
  • Available in both fish and meat recipes
Westpaw Qwizl, Qwizl, dog chew toy, long lasting chews

westpaw qwizl

The versatile enrichment and play toy for your canine friend.

  • Helps your dog's favourite chews last longer
  • Flexible ridges grip multiple sizes of treats & chews   
  • Mentally stimulating dog treat toy
  • Fun to toss, fetch and chew even when the treats are gone
Chicken grit, Gastro Grit, the best chicken grit, oyster shell grit for chickens

Gastro Grit

Our tried and tested grit for chickens. A valuable addition to enrich your chicken's diet.

  • The best chicken grit on the market. A superior blend and expertly crafted for healthy, happy hens.
  • Can drastically improve shell quality and help reduce egg eating.
  • The most palatable chicken grit we've tried.
  • Aids food digestion.